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JurisDictionary- Your #1 Right!

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July 16, 2012 

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Remove the Blindfold ! ! !Your #1 Right!

We all talk about our "rights".

Many complain how our "rights" are being taken away.
A few are ready to fight-and-die to protect our "rights".

But few know what is their #1 Right!
In fact, the main reason we're losing so many of our rights these days is precisely because so few know their #1 Right!

That's right! (No pun intended.)

Ask yourself this, "What good are "rights" that can't be enforced?"
Your #1 Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights!
Yet, government isn't telling you!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepYour tax-supported schools aren't teaching your children.

Lawyers certainly aren't leaking their money-making secrets to the public.

An old adage says, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse," yet neither government nor the legal profession has at any time in the history of the world made any genuine effort to teach the public how justice is secured in courts. Nothing about the rules of evidence. Nothing about the rules of procedure. Nothing about how to use the rules to get Justice! Nothing!

Without your #1 Right (or tens of thousands of dollars to pay lawyers to secure your rights for you) what good are government's empty promises?

Indeed, if you don't know how to enforce your rights, do you really have any?

Do you really?

Think carefully!

Rights without knowledge to enforce them are just empty promises, like carrots on a stick to get us to work hard and keep the economy going for the well-to-do who can afford lawyers to fight for them!

You and your children have been lied to long enough!

The legal profession cannot hide your #1 Right any longer!

Your blindfold is coming off!

Your #1 Right is easy-to-learn!

Your #1 Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights!

It's easy to learn how to enforce your rights in court ... without a lawyer!

You can learn in a single weekend what it takes to obtain court orders that command sheriffs and federal marshals to protect and enforce your rights!

Read Luke 11:52 in your Bible to discover how long the wool has been pulled over the public's eyes by lawyers who've been running the world far too long by purposely keeping you in the dark so lawyers can get rich at your expense!

Exercise your #1 Right!

In just 24 hours you can learn how to use the power of courts to get justice for yourselves and those you love, for your neighbors, for the world!

The affordable Jurisdictionary step-by-step self-help course will give you the powerful keys of lawsuit knowledge lawyers have hidden from you for thousands of years.
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Ordered your 24-hour course. Followed your plan. Other side had 3 attorneys. Cleaned their clock using your methods. Their case came down like a ton of bricks when I proved their elements were not there. Thank you!
... Michael L.
... Springville, New York
I bought your course. It's great!
... Linda W.
... Golden, Colorado
Your course is nothing short of GENIUS!
... Geoffrey L.
... Bremerton, Washington
I purchased your 24 hour course 6 weeks ago, and I've learned more than you can shake a stick at. The step-by-step study has been worth more than I can ever repay. I will be passing this knowledge along to my five children. Thank you for the Christian values you prove to be at our country's core.
... Ron W.
... Milaca, Minnesota
Jurisdictionary has given me a greater appreciation of due process. It's amazing!
... Deron B.
... Salt Lake City, Utah
Won unemployment benefits hearing on my own. Without your Jurisdictionay training, I would not have been effective. The course paid for itself. Your course is a blessing.
... Ben J.
... Los Angeles
My attorney kept me in the dark but from your course I learned enough to realize he was trying to take my real estate for himself, and I circumvented him thanks to you!
... Anthony A.
... Decatur, Alabama
Your course sets a second-to-none foundation to understand how the lawsuit process works. I've had several victories! My victories would not be victories, however, had it not been for your teachings.
... Sam T.
... Clearwater, Florida
We filed a Motion to Strike Sham Complaint, like you show in your course. Two hours later the other side called to report they were dismissing the case! We were so happy we were crying with joy. We won! I cannot thank you enough for making it simple to follow.
... Tyler G.
... Olympia, Washington
Since learning from your course my life has changed for the better, and I am finally in control of my formerly overwhelming legal problems.
... Harold C.
... Jersey City, New Jersey
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