Monday, July 9, 2012

SUPPORT- The Movie

Support? System Down


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   There is less than 26 days left for the WORLD online premiere of the movie Support? System Down. 
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The much anticipated documentary film Support? is set to be released for free, online, for 10 days only starting August 2,2012. This eye-opening documentary captures the everyday issues of stress, family, struggle and suffering that families experience when put through the detrimental, winding maneuvers of the family court systems, which are flooded with more cases than the labor force can handle or chooses not to handle. Those interested in socially changing films, parental alienation, and divorce and custody issues in America are urged to watch this.

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Are they really working for the best interest of the child or just thier own pockets?

Are you always being labeled a deadbeat dad or mom? Learn something new today about the "Divorce Industry".

The film, Support?, documents the injustices in american family courts, the effects of US Health and Human Services policy of providing block grants to the states, and the policies that states have developed to support this broken system which in the end ultimatly is paid by the US tax payers. YES you are funding it!

Why send non-custodial parents to prison when they have no money?

Are you a victim of Parent Alienation?

Why do so many people, including adult children of divorce and members of the military, find themselves involved in family court or child support proceedings?  How does the family court/child support system affect today's society and U.S. taxpayers?
Is the current system broken?  Why are men, and some woman being sent to prison for being in debt?
 Examine these important questions by viewing the new full length documentary, "Support?".

4-D is down. How safe are you?

4-D is down. How safe are you? 

Paternity Fraud at  all time high!
"We created this film to expose the serious unfairness in the system in
order to help effect positive change for millions of families -- men, 
women, and children. The situation is beyond absurd.  We have loving, fit fathers, and some mothers who want to be there and support their children, who are unfairly prevented from doing so. On the other hand, we have men proven by DNA testing not to be the dad, yet they are forced to financially support children they may not even know and did not father," said Lobo.  Angelo Lobo hopes his film can contribute greatly to the effort of raising nationwide public awareness.

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