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Aug. 8, 2012
New Tool Empowers You to Protect Your Kids
As a father and foster parent to over 50 kids, I thought I knew all I needed to know about internet safety—limiting access and time on the computer, using filters, training my children in proper behavior, etc. But after watching some of the heart-wrenching stories in a new course called Enough is Enough: Internet Safety 101, I now realize how little I actually knew and how unprepared I was to parent in the vast world of digital technologies and social media.

While passing the Parental Rights Amendment is our ultimate goal, and absolutely vital to your right to protect your child, you know protecting them means so much more than that. This powerful and practical tool will help you tremendously in protecting your own children right now. That’s why I want to help you get your own set today.

Given the wide range of topics covered, the name doesn’t do this program justice. Some of the material you’ll see in this 4-part-DVD-course and accompanying workbooks includes:

  • Risks and dangers of MP3 players, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), gaming devices, cyber bullying, smart phones, texting, “sexting,” video streaming, and off-site computer access;
  • Common techniques children use to evade parental controls and internet filters (internet acronyms, key words, innocuous word search, and more);
  • The compelling story of a 13-year-old girl who was lured by an internet predator and became the victim of a kidnapping that almost cost her life;
  • Testimony of a mother whose 11-year-old son became so ensnared by pornography addiction that he used a hidden camera to “decode” the secret password for his parents’ home computer;
  • “Confessions” of a convicted sex offender and how his addiction to pornography led him to become a predator of children through the Internet;
  • Expert interviews on how the digital world undermines parents and negatively impacts the long-term ability of children to make moral decisions and have healthy relationships; and
  • Online behaviors that put children at risk for abuse and exploitation.
Internet Safety 101 equips you to spot the warning signs of risky online behavior in kids, to know key paradigm shifts in technology, to understand the modus operandi of predators, to use preventative measures, and to create an atmosphere of trust between parent and child

Internet Safety 101 also contains a comprehensive list of tips and resources.

This “best of the best” course goes far beyond internet safety to address the most critical problems that face parents in the digital and wireless age. It will educate you about the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. It will empower you to prevent the insidious dangers of digital technology and communication from hurting your children.

Internet Safety 101

Today, so much of our daily activity revolves around electronics and social media. Unfortunately not all information is healthy and not all individuals are harmless. With the explosion of the internet into a powerful worldwide medium, the danger to kids has dramatically increased. Predators prowl this digital world—where parents are often the digital immigrants and kids are the digital natives, creating a perfect storm for the exploitation of children.

I believe so strongly that this course should be in every home with children that I made arrangements with the producer so that can offer it as a premium for your donation of just $100 or more.

But to prove I am serious about every family getting this information I will make you a recommendation and an offer. First, if you cannot afford your own copy then I encourage you to share with others. Watch the program in a group if you need to, but watch the program. Second, if you cannot manage that either, then call me. I will tell you where you can purchase the program at the retail price. Frankly, you won’t save a lot but I recognize that every dollar helps.

But if you can, I urge you to get your own copy by donating through Your donation will not only put vital information into your hands now to empower you as parents, but it will also help carry forward the work of to pass the Amendment which will permanently ensure your right to protect your own children.

Empower yourself to protect your kids in this vital area. Order your copy of Internet Safety 101 today by donating $100 or more to


Jim Bentley
Executive Director

P.S. - As a parent, you can't protect your child from the dangers you don't know about. I urge you to get your copy of Internet safety 101 today!

Since is a 501(c)4 non-profit lobbying organization, we regret that donations cannot be tax deductible.
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  1. Speaking of my own experience with CPS invading my family 12 years ago-

    If I had tried to clamp down on the teenage boy's game playing, the CPS witch on my case would have accused me of denying the "child" important online educational opportunities.

    Or something just as stupid.

    Whatever pops in the CPS worker's head to use in the Alinsky character assassination.

    Leonard Henderson, co-founder
    American Family Rights
    "Until Every Child Comes Home"©
    "The Voice of America's Families"©

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  3. Filters are best to use for internet safety and it doesn't allow kids to watch some extra things on web.The tool you defined is also better to use.Internet Safety for kids