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NCALP- Weekly News Summary

June 5, 2013
The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy   
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CALIFORNIA: “Native American Foster Youth Still Placed in Non-Native Homes Despite 1978 Law”
BY: Lauren Kawana

Last year more than 30,000 children in California entered the foster care system, with 439 of those children being of Native American decent. It is reported that while 12 out of every 1,000 Native American children entered the child welfare system in California in 2012, approximately only 3 out of every 1,000 Caucasian and Latino children entered the system. Although the Indian Child Welfare Act has been in place since 1978, only 38 percent of Native American foster children were placed with family members while only 3 percent were placed with Native American families other than their own.
Oakland North, May 28th, 2013

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MICHIGAN: “AG Opines on Medical Marijuana and Child-Protective Proceedings”
BY: Ed Wesoloski

Pursuant to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, any users properly registered can invoke immunity provisions so they are not subject to arrest, prosecution or diminishment of “any right or privilege” which includes orders and judgments in child protective proceedings. However, there is no immunity if the use of medical marijuana “creates an unreasonable danger to the minor that can be clearly articulated and substantiated.” According to Attorney General, Bill Schuette, the use of medical marijuana alone does not create an unreasonable danger to a child.
Michigan Lawyers Weekly, May 13th, 2013

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MISSOURI: “Adoption Advocates Press Nixon to Veto ‘Foreign Law’ Measure”
BY: Bob Watson

Some advocates for adoptions want Gov. Jay Nixon to veto a proposed law delivered to his office last week claiming that “it could adversely affect children who have been adopted from other countries." Senate Bill 267 would add a “Civil Liberties Defense Act” to Missouri’s laws, saying the state’s public policy is “to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws.” By banning the judicial consideration of any body of law from outside the United States, this could potentially mean that Missouri would not recognize the adoption decree completed in an adoptee’s foreign birth country.
News Tribune, May 28th, 2013

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NATIONAL: “Poll: 2 in 5 Women are Open to Solo Parenthood, Adoption”
BY: Associated Press

A poll conducted May 15-23 by the Associated Press, which addressed a broad range of issues on America's changing family structures, dovetails with a recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau that single motherhood is on the rise. The poll found that approximately 42% of women would consider having a child on their own without a partner, including more than a third who would consider adopting solo.

CBS, May 30th, 2013

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CONNECTICUT: “Pro Bono Program Provides DCF Children with Lawyers”
BY: Karen Ali

A new program called the Connecticut Child Justice Foundation aims to make sure each child under the state’s supervision is provided with legal representation during expulsions, suspensions, and administrative actions. The program, which relies heavily on the pro-bono efforts of several experienced lawyers throughout the state, ensures that the legal needs are met for these very vulnerable children who have experienced troubled home-lives because of abuse or neglect.

Connecticut Law Tribune, May 28th, 2013

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The preceding are summaries of adoption/child welfare law news articles prepared by The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy. These summaries are provided for your information only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center. We strive to print news that reflects the diversity of our readership and a variety of viewpoints and approaches to child welfare issues. While we may not agree with a position taken, we believe in the critical importance to our constituents of impartial reporting.

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