Thursday, January 30, 2014

February 28 is the Ten Year Anniversary of

Dear Friend,

I'd like to get your financial backup on pushing PsychSearch's research projects to the next level!

February 28 is the Ten Year Anniversary of  Surely, the Psychs know we're not going away now!  The Anniversary will occur about the same time we finalize our most major project to date:

1. We identified every psychiatrist in America

2. Then we identified the psychiatrists who were disciplined by each state's licensing boards.

3. Now, after a lot of work by the PsychSearch team, we are very close to finalizing the compilation of all of these discipline reports and putting them online.

4. The latest is an online form that anyone in the U.S. can use to file a complaint on any psychiatrist in the country.  It is already being used by folks in various states!  (It is still being tweaked)

5. And of course, you already know that we monitor mainstream media and provide Psychs in Hot Water daily.

Our next project will be to extract records from each state showing each psychiatrist who has been terminated from Medicaid and THEN we're going to take a stab at a nationwide criminal records search!

I'd like to get your financial backup on pushing this to the next level. We need some computer equipment to do this and of course we need to purchase the public records.

As an example, New Jersey is charging us $364.00 for records of their psychiatrists excluded from Medicaid.  Please pay for that!

Support the Compilation of USA Psychiatrist Records!

If you can swing that, other PsychSearch supporters will assist in other states!

Thank you!

Ken Kramer

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