Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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The latest edition of the US~Observer has hit the streets and is causing quite the stir!
Read on to find out why.

Nye County Corruption - Shadow Government
Nye County, Nevada - Corruption has become the order of the day throughout our nation from top to bottom. One doesn’t need to look too far to find it on all sides. Though corruption existed before, it gained momentum here in Nye County with a meeting in Pahrump, Nevada, three years ago, attended by Nye County District Attorney (DA) Brian Kunzi. More...

Donna Kozak
Tax Protestor Trap -
And Resulting Nightmare
Patrick O'Neil
Wrestling Champ O’Neil
a Serial Rapist?
Innocent Referee in Prison?
Daniel and Susan Young
US~Observer Client
"Not Guilty"

• Republican Form of
Government: It’s the
Constitution Stupid, Part 2
• Rape accuser proven false,
now found guilty of murder

• Grants Pass, OR
is as Corrupt as Chicago?
• West Palm Beach
corruption and cover-up -
The Jamie Clark Case

• U.S. vs Dehlinger
Minns Takes Argument
to the 4th Circuit
• Josephine County, OR
Commissioner Cherryl Walker
is facing a recall effort

Lorne Dey Featured Commentary
Lorne Dey is wondering...

Where is the Person of Principle?
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