Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Book Examines Swedish Socialism and its Repercussions on World Politics

(PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Though far from a military superpower, the kingdom of Sweden might still endanger your personal liberty due to its corps of diplomats and social planners. Sweden has recently made international headlines after having both jailed 40-year-old Christer Johansson for having taken his son Domenic back from state custody to see his family, a boy who was seized last year right as his family was about to leave the country; and also this November having sentenced a Christian couple to nine months in prison for having used spanking as a part of their child-rearing, also taking their children into foster care indefinitely in spite of loving family relationships.

Sidebar quote-
If Americans and other free peoples of the world aren't vigilant in defence of their liberty, Swedish law might one day become their law too.

Swedish diplomats are hard at work within the United Nations and other international agencies enforcing their own idiosyncratic views on such matters as what party is responsible for a child's upbringing - the family or the state -


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