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Utah Auditor General Releases Foster Care, Child Welfare Audit

2011 January 28
Posted by ethoma

An audit of the Utah child welfare and foster care systems was released on January 18, 2011, by the Utah Auditor General. While it is hardly what I might consider as a “scathing” audit, it is refreshing in its candor.

The report explains that: “Over the past decade, the number of children DCFS serves in foster care has increased by 38 percent, while the number of families receiving in-home services that allow children to remain home has decreased by 40 percent.” The auditors continue on to note:

DCFS’ focus on providing foster care services rather than in-home services is problematic for the following reasons:
  • Research shows that children are best served and permanency outcomes are enhanced when children can safely remain at home with their families.

  • Foster care is much more expensive than in-home services and the average duration of foster care cases is nearly four times longer than in-home cases.


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