Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stiff Penalty as Deterrent

One of the justifications for stiff penalties is supposedly to be a DETERRENT to others. So here's one- Being a monster super-bitch will eventually catch up to you. And throwing yourself on the "mercy of the court" is a poor defense.

Okla. woman sentenced to life for child abuse
Fri Jan 21, 9:16 am ET
Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman who threw herself at the mercy of the court after being accused of abusing her son has been sentenced to two life terms for child abuse.

Oklahoma County District Judge Lisa Davis imposed the sentence Thursday on LaRhonda Marie McCall. McCall's friend Steve V. Hamilton was sentenced to life plus 20 years.

Prosecutors said the boy was choked, starved, stabbed, tied up and set afire, and that he was once covered with a sugar-water solution and left outside so bugs would bite him. He never went to school.

McCall pleaded guilty last year but did not have a plea agreement, opting instead to let the judge set a penalty. Hamilton entered a similar plea.  FULL STORY

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