Thursday, June 21, 2012


Amends title IV (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) (TANF) of the Social Security Act to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to make grants to the highest state courts to enable them to provide legal representation for parents and legal guardians with respect to child welfare cases.

Increases funding for discretionary and targeted grants.

Status of the Legislation- Latest Major Action: 2/1/2012: Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

I left a comment FOR this legislation there-

Presently, child welfare agents are operating almost completely without restraint.

CPS agents exert unconstitutional powers over American families that are denied any American law enforcement agency, including the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service.

CPS agents are getting away with practicing law, medicine, psychiatry (and sometimes even Social Work) without a license, and they have IMMUNITY from prosecution even when caught lying to the court, fabricating or hiding evidence.

Parents dragged into the system (many of whom are Falsely Accused) are too poor to afford a lawyer, and court appointed attorneys may be unmotivated to provide a Vigorous Defense.

Currently, American families are literally at the mercy of a system that is totally devoid of Justice, by ANY standard, let alone American Constitutional Due Process.

WHO could possibly argue against "Enhancing the Quality of Parental Legal Representation"?

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights
"Until Every Child Comes Home"©
"The Voice of America's Families"©

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