Friday, June 29, 2012

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Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Parental Rights
Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in the health care case marks a decisive turn in the American experiment of freedom. There is no doubt the opinion shocked and dismayed liberty-minded citizens across the United States. It also upped the ante on the Parental Rights Amendment – and that’s why I must urge you to help.

Let me explain.

First, the ambiguity of federal HIPAA legislation was already a problem for parental rights. It is an open door that lets states infringe a parent’s fundamental liberty to make informed medical decisions for their child. Under the health care law, this gap is only going to get worse.

Second, the health care bill allows the government to spend millions on home visitation programs in which government officials enter your home to monitor and instruct how you raise your kids.

Third, the decision has made explicit a disturbing legal doctrine long implicit in the Supreme Court: that Congress has unlimited power to tax for any purpose, even beyond its enumerated powers. This provides one more tool the government can use to control what happens in your home.

If we are to protect parental rights in America we must pass the Parental Rights Amendment soon! The PRA will provide protection for parents and families in every one of these areas of concern.

But as I said before, I must urge you to help.

As we approach the PRA’s first-ever congressional hearing, your financial support is essential. relies completely on the generosity of concerned citizens like you. Please make as generous a donation as possible today.


Michael Farris

P.S. - Donate today to keep the Supreme Court's shifting ideologies from over-running your home!

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