Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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June 20, 2012
PRA Has 55 Cosponsors - Please Call Today

As of this morning, the Parental Rights Amendment in the House (HJRes110) now has 55 cosponsors, including lead sponsor Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona. While that is an exciting number, and well up from the 36 we had a week ago, there are still nearly twice that many to be readily secured.

That’s because 82 former cosponsors and 26 freshmen who pledged their support still have not added their names to this vital resolution. That’s 108 who have expressed support in the past but who are dragging their feet today.

Our hearing in the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee is less than a month away. The best way to see success in the committee is to show the popularity of the measure in the House as a whole through cosponsor support.

So now we are asking you to call your congressman (or call them again). Remind them of their past support or their pledge of support, if applicable. Point out to them that there are already 55 sponsors on board. And tell them why you passionately support the Parental Rights Amendment.

If your Congressman has never expressed support, that’s okay: Call them, too! Six current cosponsors of HJRes110 are freshman representatives who had not pledged to support the PRA beforehand. Perhaps your Congressman can be persuaded as these were to join the swelling ranks of PRA supporters.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

1. Check our website: Click on your state at Be sure to check again each time before you call, as your page will be updated on an ongoing basis as new sponsors are added.

2. If your Congressman is not yet signed on, call his Washington, D.C., office. (Phone number is on our website; see #1.) Tell his staff that you support the Parental Rights Amendment, and that you will be watching for him to sign on as a cosponsor of HJRes110 (“H. J. Rez-one-ten,” or House Joint Resolution 110). Then, call them back every couple of days until his support is secured. But do be courteous each time you call.

3. Ask friends and family to call, too. Pass along this email and invite them to visit our website or watch the film at (the 30-minute or the 7-minute version) to understand why the PRA is so important.

4. If your Congressman is already signed on, consider sending a note or card of thanks to one of his local offices. (Mail going into the D.C. office is delayed by as much as 3 months due to security measures, so we don’t recommend you send mail to that address.)

Together we can persuade Congress to secure parental rights for this and future generations!


Michael Ramey
Direct of Communications & Research
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