Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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June 6, 2012
Two Stories: One Important, One Amazing
from Michael Farris

Yesterday, two important things happened—one was significant, the other was amazing.

On June 5, the Parental Rights Amendment was introduced into both houses of Congress. In the Senate, Senator Jim DeMint is the prime sponsor. It was introduced as SJRes42. In the House, Representative Trent Franks is the prime sponsor of HJRes110.

We are very grateful to be fully underway to secure the passage of the PRA.

That same day an amazing thing happened. Our staff brought me a letter from a 17 year old girl from Michigan—Hannah. Hannah wrote that ten years ago, her father had heard me speak at a conference where I encouraged dads to reward their children for reading the Bible every day. I told how I had given my older children $100 if they would read the Bible every day for a year without missing a single day.

Hannah told me that her dad had been doing that for the past 10 years. And for ten years, Hannah had been saving her money.

After all this time, Hannah was led to send the entire $1000 she had saved to support the work of She understood the power of good parenting in her own life and wants to be sure that when she is a parent she has the same rights that her parents have enjoyed.

I have to tell you that I was brought to tears when I heard Hannah’s story. It is one of the most amazing stories I have ever been privileged to hear.

And it seems that it was no coincidence that her check was brought to me on the very day that the PRA was introduced.

I feel prompted to ask a number of parents to match Hannah’s gift. Some of you can give $1000 like she did. Others can give $100 for the cause of parental rights.

Frankly, we have been running this organization on fumes—and I feel free to say this because I don’t receive any salary or expenses from this organization. We need to be in a strong position as we get ready to launch this crucial phase of our campaign. Will you join Hannah in supporting the work of today?


Michael Farris


P.S. The first 100 people to respond with a donation of $100 or more will receive a copy of my Constitutional Literacy course. I will personally donate these copies so that every dollar goes to fund, and not to the cost of the series.

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