Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Why Adoption Is Working: New Research vs. Old Myths"

What the enemies of your family are up to-

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National Council for Adoption | Advocating for ADOPTION because every child deserves a FAMILY

Announcing NCFA’s 2012 Summer Webinar Series

"Why Adoption Is Working: New Research vs. Old Myths"

featuring Dr. Kathleen Whitten

Tuesday, June 26 at 3:00pm EST | $35.00

Download the flyer here or Register here

NCFA's four part summer webinar series begins with a presentation by Kathleen Whitten, "Why Adoption Is Working: New Research vs. Old Myths."  

In this webinar, you’ll hear about the current, scientific research from psychology and social work on the adjustment of adopted children.  Many accepted ideas about adopted children and adopted people, based on flawed research, have influenced practice in psychology and social work, with sometimes negative effects on adoptive families.  Discussion topics will include:
  • Myths and anti-adoption bias, and why such bias has been so persistent.
  • Conclusions from evidence-based research on adopted children.
  • Dr. Whitten's two new studies of adopted adolescents' adjustment.
  • How adoption professionals and parents can work together to apply scientific findings to promote healthy development for adopted children.
About the Presenter
Dr. Kathleen Whitten is a developmental psychologist and adoptive mother who researches the healthy development of adopted children. She has been a lecturer in psychology at Georgia State University and at the University of Virginia, where she was also a research faculty member at the Child-Parent Attachment Clinic, Department of Psychiatric Medicine. At the Attachment Clinic, she conducted research with foster and adoptive families, and served as an external evaluator of the Quality Improvement Center for Adoption. She was named a Distinguished Fellow in Developmental Psychology by the National Council for Adoption in Washington, D.C.
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