Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Cruel Science Experiment They Want to Force You to Take

Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 21 2012

Story at-a-glance

A paper published by the American Medical Association’s Virtual Mentor is concerned that current enrollment in vaccine trials is extremely low. As a solution, the authors propose a federal law that would force all Americans to “opt-out” if they do not want to participate in vaccine trials or let their children be used in vaccine trials

Human experimentation -- the practice of subjecting live human beings to science experiments that are sometimes cruel, painful, or deadly -- is shameful part of U.S. history, and if the authors of the featured paper have anything to say about it, medical experimentation on ALL infants would not only be possible; it would be mandatory!

While mandatory vaccine trial participation is still nothing but a theoretical proposal, everyone should be educated about their medical rights, including their right to refuse vaccinations of all kinds. In the US, you have three types of exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical, although not all are available in all states


Considering that this entire Child Protective System was considered a "Social Experiment" when it started, these things seem to quickly turn into eternal tyranny.

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