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JurisDictionary- Force Your Opponents to Pay Up!

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Force Your Opponents to Pay Up!

Win with Jurisdictionary!
Even experienced lawyers fail to force their opponents to meet the Burden of Proof.

It's like making your enemies "pay up", to prove what they say!

You never have to prove you don't owe!

Nor are you required to prove your dog didn't bite your neighbor, or your driving didn't cause the accident.

Everyone demanding any right in court has a burden to prove they're entitled to have the court enforce the right!

If they can't meet their burden, they lose and, if you're the defendant, you win!

Of course, if you're a plaintiff, it's your job to meet the burden of proof to show you deserve the court's favor.

Knowing how the burden works (there's quite a bit more to it than I can explain in this short newsletter) gives you power to win instead of being just another victim!

The burden is always on the party making claims.

The burden is never on defenders - unless the burden shifts once the claimant meets his burden of proof.

In civil cases, the burden is met by presenting the greater weight of admissible evidence (sometimes called the "preponderance of evidence") in support of the fact elements necessary to prevail on at least one "cause of action" (explained in the course and essential knowledge, if you want to win).

In criminal cases, the state's burden is met only by presenting evidence that proves the fact elements of the crimes alleged beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt.

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The burden of proof is always on the party asserting a claim, making a motion, demanding a right, etc.

Before a court can lawfully grant relief of any kind, the party seeking relief must carry his burden to prove he's entitled to relief ... whether the case is civil or criminal.

Some may say, "It's just your word against his."

That's never true in court.

One side always has the burden.

Just like in a tennis match, the ball is always on one side of the net!

The burden of proof may shift back and forth during a complicated lawsuit, depending on who claims what and when, however the burden is always on the side seeking relief at any particular moment, the party making a claim, the litigant moving the court, the claimant alleging a fact, etc.

Lawyers will try to put you "on the defensive".

Lawyers will try to trick you into struggling to prove a negative, e.g., that you didn't do something or that something did not happen. Don't get sucked in!

People who don't have the official Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" course go out of their way to show they were out of town that day or confined to a wheelchair or otherwise struggle to dis-prove something that is entirely the burden of the other side to prove.

This is what crooked lawyers do.



If a defendant ignorantly tries to dis-prove what his opponent has the burden to prove, his opponent is spared the labor of proving his case! The waters are muddied. The real issues get lost. The judge gets sidetracked. And YOU come out on the short end of the stick every time!

Smart people who use the official Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" course know how to move the court to take judicial notice that "the burden is on the moving party to prove whatever he claims" and, if the other side cannot prove what he claims, Jurisdictionary students know how to move the court for summary judgment and put an end to their troubles then-and-there!

Put the ball in the court where it belongs!
Learn more about the burden of proof and "How to Win in Court" ... without a lawyer!
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"So easy an 8th grader can do it!"

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Learning due process is easy with Jurisdictionary!

Force the court to protect your rights!
... Dr. Frederick D. Graves, JD
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Nobody makes it easier than Jurisdictionary!

Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when judges rule in your favor!

Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and you'll appreciate what it's like to have rights with teeth in them!

Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and your life and the life of your family will be much, much happier!

You can finish my course in less than 24-hours.

Learning due process is easy with Jurisdictionary!

Force the court to protect your rights!
... Dr. Frederick D. Graves, JD
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Accept no substitutes!

Get the official Jurisdictionary 24-hour course!


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Won unemployment benefits hearing on my own. Without your Jurisdictionay training, I would not have been effective. The course paid for itself. Your course is a blessing.
... Ben J.
... Los Angeles, CA

I have been using your program for four years and have won every case. Keep up the amazing work!
... John M.
... Phoenix City, AL
I won a criminal case at trial with two lying witnesses against me. I got Jurisdictionary and learned that law works if it's used correctly. The judge read my memorandum and agreed with me. The most wonderful feeling I ever felt was walking out of that courtroom knowing I won without a lawyer! ... Philip J.
... Albany, Georgia
I won an $11,000 lawsuit and defeated a credit card bank by using the methods in your Jurisdictionary course. I was amazed how easy it is to understand! It gave me confidence, and on 12 May 2011 I won! The bank's case was dismissed with prejudice! Your course is great. Thank you for making a great course. I got back much more than the cost of it. I understand about the judicial system. I am now confident. I got back my dignity! God bless you!
... Reynaldo N.
... Mundelein, IL
I purchased your 24 hour course 6 weeks ago, and I've learned more than you can shake a stick at. The step-by-step study has been worth more than I can ever repay. I will be passing this knowledge along to my five children. Thank you for the Christian values
you prove to be at our country's core.
... Ron W.
... Milaca, MN

The best investment I ever made was your self-help law course. My $250 investment gained me a $216,000 return! I sued my former employer for violating my software copyright. I presented my case to more than a few lawyers, but all turned me down. They were too frightened to take on a 'big and powerful' corporation. After nearly giving up, I found your course. Winning my case gave me confidence that you are right. We can win, if the law is on our side, regardless of how powerful our opponents may be. Our liberty really is in the law in the first place. Your course gives the common man power he would not otherwise have. God bless you.
... Patrick D.
Your course is awesome!
... L. Price
... Melbourne
... Australia

Defeated a 35-year veteran lawyer I've been fighting the last 3 years. Most of this victory is credited to your course. I can't thank you enough.
... Bill J.
... Columbus, Ohio
Won my appeal in the 2nd District Court in Florida because of your excellent course.
... Roger C.
... Palm Harbor, FL
Without your course I would have been another casualty of the system.
... Basile D.
... Wilson, Wyoming
On 30 January I used what you teach to stop foreclosure. No mortgage. No foreclosure. No note. No foreclosure.
... Ken M.
... Tampa, FL

I have learned more with your course in the past few days than I have learned in the rest of my life, and I am not a young man anymore.
... D. Parker
... Alta Loma CA

Settled my case. Without your course I would never have gotten to 1st base.
... Larry S.
... Orlando, FL

I wish I had known about your course years ago.
... Marilyn E.
... Kapaau, Hawaii

Your 4-CD course is GREAT! Thanks.
... Ramsay D.
... Simi Valley, CA
Jurisdictionary, in my opinion, is the best investment you will ever make: investing in your own "Legal Education" and it works, I promise!!!
... Don H.
Your course is the BOMB! Thank you!
... Lynn C.
Please believe me, you do not know how much you have helped me already. I will continue to tell others about Jurisdictionary. Thank you.
... Esther K.
Thank you for providing your course to people at an affordable price.
... Pete B.
... Charlotte, NC

I have your complete course and have found it to be the most rewarding study of law I have ever read.
... Dan C.
... Denver, Colorado

Another victory! They backed off as soon as they received my demands! You are a prayer answered from the Lord!
... Sam T.
... Dallas, Texas
I bought your course, and it paid off!
... Ruben P.
... Miami, Florida

I learned more in two weeks with your course than I did in 2 years of paralegal school. I feel empowered! Your great course is clear, concise, and systematic.
... Byron P.
... Lansing, Michigan
I've been fighting off 3 collection agencies. I am absolutely ecstatic about my victories. Prior to purchasing your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant societal herd these people prey upon. Your wonderful, user-friendly program is the absolute best $249 I have spent in a long time. My wife overheard the plaintiff's attorney saying, "Don't mess with that guy!" Wow!
... Dr. Donald B., Ph.D.
... St. Louis, Missouri
I ordered your course several weeks ago and am really enjoying the fact that I understand the legal process better than I ever thought I could.  Your materials and teaching style are great and very easy to follow.
... Allan D.
... Brainerd, Minnesota
You are completely brilliant. I have never seen/read anything like this. I am eager to get this information out to help others like me. Thank you.
... Sylvia C.
... Kula, Hawaii

I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you.
... Patricia M.
... Birmingham, Alabama

My attorney kept me in the dark but from your course I learned enough to realize he was trying to take my real estate for himself, and I circumvented him thanks to you!
... Anthony A.
... Decatur, Alabama

I've learned so much that I decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat here. Your course gives me confidence I can be a lawmaker who knows how law is supposed to work.
... Rob T.
... Cumberland, WI
Thanks to your Jurisdictionary site, I learned so much that I won favor with the Magistrate and he ruled favorably on every motion I filed. I thank God for your web site, and thank you too!
... U. Lowe
... Cincinnati, Ohio

Your cause is urgently important.
... William M.
... Northfield, MN

I call it "empowering the people" when I preach Jurisdictionary!
... Charlie H.
... Haw River, NC
Thank you for your guidance and the time and effort you've put into the American Dream.
... Andrea M.
... Brunswick, Maine
You are one in a million!
... Louis D.
... Mesa, Arizona

Thank you for your hard labor and mission. Well done!
... Steven W.
... Oklahoma City, OK

I wish, oh how I wish, I found this information sooner. However, I am well armed now. Your tutorials are my most valuable resource in protecting my rights.
... Adeline F.
... Hanover Park, Illinois
I have learned more in the last few days than I could have in years on my budget.
... David P.
... Alta Loma, California
I consider you a hero for the course you've produced and the heart reasoning that prompted you to do it.
... Ivanov P.
... Homestead, Florida

Your information was an angel on my shoulder helping me through the panic phases.
... D. Christensen
... Sherman Oaks, CA
Since learning from your course my life has changed for the better, and I am finally in control of my formerly overwhelming legal problems.
... Harold C.
... Jersey City, NJ
Thanks to you we are able to get the law in front of the judges and keep them honest.
... S. Rickett
... West Jordan, Utah
Ordered your 24-hour course. Followed your plan. Other side had 3 attorneys. Cleaned their clock using your methods. Their case came down like a ton of bricks when I proved their elements were not there. Thank you!
... Michael L.
... Springville, New York
We filed a Motion to Strike Sham Complaint, like you show in your course. Two hours later the other side called to report they were dismissing the case! We were so happy we were crying with joy. We won! I cannot thank you enough for making it simple to follow.
... Tyler G.
... Olympia, Washington

I recently purchased your Jurisdictionary course and have LOVED absorbing everything.
... Sharon S.
... Tucson, Arizona

Bought Jurisdictionary and am extremely pleased with it.
... Sharon W.
... Pahoa, Hawaii
Your course is nothing short of GENIUS!
... Geoffrey L.
... Bremerton, WA
The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you.
... Leah H.
... Front Royal, Virginia
I bought your course. It's great.
... Linda W.
... Golden, Colorado

The opposing party dismissed their case against me. Thank you for the knowledge and insight you provided through your course.
... Gerald C.
... Tucker, Georgia

Having successfully used your program in divorce/family court, I wish to thank you!
... R.P.F., MD
This is all invaluable information! Thank you for helping me learn!
... Dennis S.
I ordered your course 7/13/09 and am very pleased! Your help is greatly appreciated!
... Samuel J.
Your course is working excellently for me. You make this complicated subject simple to understand and, most importantly, easy to apply in the obscure world of law (obscure no more). Most definitely this is an invaluable tool. I will encourage everyone I know to purchase your course! Thank you, for your great contribution to society.
... Victor P.
I can't thank you enough. Everything about your course was amazing. You made this course for ME.
... Ron P.
I won my motion at a hearing this morning. Other people waiting for their case to be called were surprised that I won, because my English is not so good. You are right. Anybody can do this!
... Julius R.
I've been helped dramatically while listening to your audios. I play them in the background FULL TIME, and in the middle of doing something else something you say makes me do something differently or include something that may have slipped my mind.
... Al H.
Your course is helping very much. It does an excellent job of describing the "big picture" and builds a clear framework of how the whole thing works and hangs together.
... Kate F.
Your course has been a tremendous help in preparing my appeal, and it has helped me spot bad lawyers and judges. I'm better prepared to stand in front of a judge and make the court follow the rules, including the other side.
... Harold S.
Great stuff!
... Michael C.
Thanks for the energy you have put forth to let others use the tools of the Law.
... Ken J.
Jurisdictionary has done wonders for my confidence.
... Tarek M.
I have your course and am enthralled with it.
... David S.
Your course sets a second-to-none foundation to understand how the lawsuit process works. I've had several victories! My victories would not be victories, however, had it not been for your teachings.
... Sam T.
I have the defendants right where they belong. I am SO indebted to you!
... Charles H.
Thanks so much for developing the Jurisdictionary Course. I would be out of luck without it.
... Mary B.
I thank you for your course. I've used it successfully!
... Alan P.
I am monitoring my attorney with your advice. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!
... Nona N.
You present a simple, straightforward process for litigation. Thank you!
... Raymond Z.
I've learned more from you than from any law classes that I've attended.
... Danny G.
I am finding how I've been misled by others who took my money.
... Chandra K.
With your course I have defeated many collection agencies and their lawyers. Your course is excellent!
... Robert S.
Jurisdictionary has given me a greater appreciation of due process. It's amazing!
... Deron B.
This information should be at everyone's disposal.
... Kevin H.
Jurisdictionary has given me the strength and confidence to go before the courts.
... Adrienne M.
It's not a law course. It's a life course! Armed with Jurisdictionary I was able to defeat one of the biggest junk debt companies and their team of 6 lawyers!
... Kevin Z.
You have given me the priceless gift this year of understanding justice.
... Cheryl C.
Keep up the great work. Thanks again so very much.
... Ronald G.
Thanks for all your help. I wouldn't have been able to defend myself without you.
... Kimberly T.
Thank you for making court procedure simple and clear for the pro se.
... Kevin Z.
Using the outlines and motions found in your course, I now have the power to protect myself and my family.
... C. Jones
The course is great!
... Michael S.
I would like to give great testimony as to how comprehensive your course is. I was amazed at how sound your lessons are and how easy it was to understand. I used your method to force the other side to produce the contract they claimed I breached, and when they could not, I filed a motion to dismiss their case. They settled. Thanks very much for your course!
... Joseph R.
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