Tuesday, February 21, 2012


By Paul McGuire
February 22, 2012

A growing number of attractive female teachers and women from all areas of society, who are anywhere from 23 -54 years old, are seducing teenage and pre-teenage boys between 10–17 years old, across the nation. Until, the last decade or so, it has been men who have been the primary sexual predators towards male and female children. It is only recently, that increasing numbers of women, specifically in their mid-twenties to late thirties who are engaging in this sort of activity. Many of these younger women are married and have children. The question is, “What is causing the emergence of a new breed of sexual predator, the “She-Animal,” and her hard-core sexual assault on under age males?

Female sexual predators are part of the deliberate destruction of the family. The pill that was started in the 1950’s was followed by no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, drugs, rock’ n roll in the 1960’s, the feminist movement in the 1970’s, normalization of homosexuality, and now the acceptance of what was once termed sexual deviancy.  

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