Sunday, February 19, 2012

Financial sex aid: Students seeking 'Sugar Daddies and Mommies' to pay for college degree

Last updated at 9:48 PM on 16th February 2012

Broke students seeking new ways to put themselves through college are finding success in a new website which matches sugar daddies or mommies with sugar babies.

Men and women young and old are turning to website to look for something sweet in their lives.

People who join this site are usually seeking a special sort of 'arrangement', whether you are a broke, young and willing sugar baby or a rich, older generous mommy or daddy.

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A comment left there-

"The alternative is Student Loans. Six months after graduation you start getting the bills in the mail and realize you are nothing but a Debt Slave, an Indentured Servant until the loans are paid for. Student Loans will poison your life! Trust me. Any sex for tuition arrangement is far better then years of Indentured Servitude. I am 61, she is 21. I am paying her tuition for a 2 year Technical College. No sex involved. And ya, she is my sugar baby". - Anonymous, Wisconsin, Soviet Amerika, 19/2/2012 15:54

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