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Why You're Not Who You Think You Are
How we view ourselves changes over time and location. Much of the information that introspection generates is fleeting, on-the-fly construction at a particular point in time. Don't despair. It's actually refreshing to realize that that you're not a finished product, an author states. "Who am I?" should be written in pencil.

Can Texting Harm Language Ability?
Are we guilty of practicing unsafe text? Individuals who texted more were found to be less responsive to new words as compared to those who read more traditional print media such as books, magazines and newspapers.

Why Some Behave Morally While Others Don't
Exposure to particular social contexts and individuals may encourage a higher moral identity. This could help explain why some people follow a moral compass while others turn a blind eye to morally acceptable behavior.

5 Ways to Build Momentum to Accomplish Goals
Success is possible by performing a series of small and smart steps. Read this feature to learn more about the "compound effect" and start building momentum towards your next success.

Avoid the 5 Biggest Regrets
When the end is near, what will be your biggest regeret? Check out the 5 biggest regrets of people why are dying and see if there is time to erase a few of them from your life.

News & Views

Can Depression Speed Up Aging?
Stress can speed up damage to our cellular fabric.

Treating Depression with "the Love Hormone"
The brain chemical oxytocin, also known as "the hormone of love," might provide hope for those suffering with depression.

Dehydration Influences Mood, Cognition
Drink this in: even mild dehydration can influence mood, energy levels and the ability to think clearly.

Alcohol in Movies Influences Youth Drinking
Children who watch a lot of movies featuring alcohol are twice as likely to start drinking compared to other kids who watch relatively few of such films. Kids who watched the most movies featuring alcohol were twice as likely to start drinking as those who watched the least — and they were 63% more likely to progress to binge drinking.

Weight Training Improves Parkinson's
Compared to other forms of exercise, weight training has shown promise improving the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Video Game Technology and Cancer Research
Researchers are using video game technology to to simulate the inner workings of human cells. This opens up possibilities for new targets for tumor-killing drugs.

World of Psychology

Problem with Procrastination? Try Doing Nothing
If you want to get yourself to do something, make the alternative to that task to do nothing, this blogger suggests.

On Gratitude: The Virtual Gratitude Visit
Have a gratitude visit to improve your well-being.

What Influences Our Food Likes, Dislikes?
Food preferences can be affected by the proximity of something else that is liked or disliked. This phenomenon is called "evaluative conditioning." This blog delves into research on this phenomenon.

How Fun is Your Workplace?
Levity is an extremely effective tool for helping people work better. An atmosphere of light-heartedness helps people pay attention, eases tensions, and enhances a feeling of connection.

Best of the Blogs

The Power of Mindfulness
(The Gentle Self) - There's a powerful tool called STOP, which is an easy to remember acronym for a simple yet very effective mindfulness technique.

Know When it's Best to Not Say Anything
(Healing Together for Couples) - A crucial but often overlooked communication skill for partners is knowing when it is best not to say anything. It's a choice that reflects attunement, empathy, regulation of emotions and prioritizing the bond you share.

Whitney Had No Demons
(Depression on My Mind) - "Whitney Houston" and "demons" appeared together in Google search 27,100,000 times. That's a lot of demons for a woman who had none, this blogger notes. "Addicts and alcoholics – like me – do not have demons. We have illnesses," Christine Stapleton writes.

How Much Can We Endure?
(Guideposts to Happiness) -  This blogger argues that there is no trauma or loss so severe it cannot be transmuted into something valuable.

5 Steps to Change Feelings of Anger
(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) - Have you ever been so angry and stuck in spiteful or resentful thoughts that it seemed to take over your life? It's time to change your angry feelings.
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Ask the Therapist

Terrified of Seeing a Therapist
I’ve always had problems with depression and never saw anyone about it. It’s only gotten worse and lately it’s gotten almost unbearable. My husband and I have briefly discussed me...

Getting Over Being Controlled
I met a man in his 40s online in a chat. We hit it off and started talking everyday despite living in different countries. We planned on meeting...

Burglars Stole My Peace of Mind
When I was very young we were burgled whilst me, my parents and brother were in the house at night. After this event I had huge difficulty sleeping and became...

Managing Hallucinations
My issue is complicated. I was diagnosed with different several mental disorders between the ages of 17 and 22. By about the age of 21 I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective...

Husband's Critical of My Sons
I have 2 boys from a previous relationship. My husband and I now have a child together. My husband finds fault with my two older boys all the time. Nitpicks...

I Hate My Life
Every day at some part I hate my life. And I can never find happiness unless I drink beer. I was in the military but I couldn’t handle the stress...

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I think I know why I can't love
I posted that I couldn't love anyone and I think I know why. I think its because no one can love me back. No matter what I do, every girl...

Don't know what is wrong
This is very hard for me to explain. When I was a kid, I had a great life up to about 7th grade. I was one of the most popular...

I wish my mom would care
I am not sure what my mother has she is for sure depressed, bipolar and has ADD (actually diagnosed by doctors). So, I have been feeling very lonely and depressed and...

Anger management
Well, lately I have been extremely short-tempered. I feel like I have lost myself completely. I have been getting angry over the slightest thing, something that never used to happen...

Can't deal with bullying
There's this group of guys at my school (about half the boys basketball team) and for some reason they're really mean to me. I hate when I have to walk past...

Depressed, angry, powerless
Sorry this is so long, but everything is bursting at the seams for me lately. There are really no words for how tired I am of feeling so awful all the...

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