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February 27, 2012 

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Win with Jurisdictionary!Justice on Trial ! ! !

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Sure, we have problems.


It's impossible not see how our American Way of Life is threatened with New Speak, New Thought, and the threat of a New World Order.

Traditional American values of self-reliance, hard work, honesty in business, and genuine patriotism that works to promote liberty by working for justice are still the only protection we have for ourselves and our children.

Individual rights will continue to disappear ... if we do nothing.


You don't need more paranoid warnings or insane legal theories that don't work!

You need to learn how to FIX what's wrong.

You need to learn how to FORCE your leaders to do what's right.

You need to learn how to RESTORE the American Dream for yourself, your children, and future generations.

Complaining about a fox in the henhouse doesn't do a thing for the poor defenseless chickens. Yet, day-after-day I receive dozens of emails from well-meaning people who think pointing their fingers at the problems and urging their friends to recognize the problems will somehow magically make the problems go away.

Once you learn how to force the courts.

There is hope for those willing to FIGHT SMART!

My in-box is flooded every day (and more of late) by folks I call pseudo patriots who insist the end is near. They may be well-meaning, and the points they make are often valid, but they aren't offering any practical solutions!.

'Tain't so!

If you want the fox out of the henhouse, and voting at the polling booth now-and-then doesn't seem to be making much of a change for the better, then it's time to get your pen and start putting ink on paper!

Ooops! Did you expect me to suggest violence? Not a chance. That's not what America is all about. We are a people (or, at least, we once were) dedicated to order, due process, and a peaceful resolution to our difficulties.

That means ink on paper!

Complaining gets us nowhere, unless we complain with a "Complaint" filed at the local courthouse - 'cause that does wonders when it's done properly.

If you don't believe me, look at the world around you and see for yourself how much of what we have today (good and bad) resulted from the decisions of courts.

The pseudo patriots have only bad news and wacky ideas about how to fix our problems ... ideas that are putting quite a few people behind bars, I might add.

I have good news!

We live in an age of opportunity such as the world has never seen before. When I entered the practice of law nearly a quarter-century ago, we didn't have computers to do on-line legal research. If we had a legal problem, there was only one solution: hire a lawyer. And, if you are like I was 30 years ago, you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay some lawyer who may end up dropping the ball or screwing your life up because of his or her stupid incompetence, laziness, or fear of the judge. Back then, it was either pay through the nose ... or lose!

That was before Jurisdictionary.

Our very way of life is on trial. If "We the People" do not learn how to put ink on paper and take advantage of the power of our courts, we may soon be looking back at the "good old days" and wishing we'd done what we could while there was time to do it right.

Meanwhile, instead of encouraging you to learn the rules of court and how to use them to Restore the Republic the "right way" (abiding by the principles of our democratic republic) the pseudo patriots are leading many of you down a path to certain destruction. They are so busy finding fault while teaching their idiotic ideas about how greedy people can escape justice by claiming nonsense defenses, that good people like you are confused about where to turn for the "right way" to get justice.

We are a nation of laws!

True patriots work with wisdom to control corrupt judges and legislators to change bad laws, instead of trying to find novel ways to get around the law for their own advantage.

True patriots seek justice according to the rules!

Today's pseudo patriots have lost their way. Don't let them turn you from the "right way" with their proclamations of doom or confuse you into trying to win in court by saying you are not WHO YOU ARE if your name is in all capital letters, or any of the similar nonsense they sell.

We can turn this nation around if we work together!

We can force judges to follow the rules. We can turn crooked lawyers out-on-their-ear! We can overcome even the most powerful opponent the "right way", peaceably, according to law and order - instead of being "outlaws" trying to wiggle out of our troubles with stupid tricks.

If it weren't so easy to learn the official rules there'd be no hope for us. But, it IS EASY to learn the rules and how to use them to force people in powerful positions to do what's right!

The pseudo patriots are so obsessed with the admittedly serious problems we face at this hour they do not see that the solution is already in our own hands: The Law!

We can put the law to work the "right way", using the "official rules" that overcome corrupt judges and defeat crooked lawyers and make justice possible for anyone of average intelligence willing to make an effort to learn how the legal game is played to win!

We must all stop staring at the darkness and lift the lamp of liberty and justice while there is yet time!

Pseudo patriots find fault with America and her system of law and order, but that's all they do.

The only answer pseudo patriots offer is to "spread the word", as if telling everyone what's wrong will magically make things right once again!

It is madness!Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step
They say they are "patriots", but they don't tell you how to save your nation. They're too busy telling you what's wrong, who's at fault, and how ugly things will be when their terrible predictions come true.

Their message is all negative!

And, when they do offer their theories about what it takes to get justice, their theories are nothing short of lunacy!
  • Fringe on the courtroom flag
  • Name in all caps isn't them
  • Copyrighting their own name
  • Even disavowing their citizenship!
The list is nearly endless ... and totally insane!

The power to control corrupt government officials, crooked banks, and anyone else who violates the law contrary to our American Principles IS IN THE COURTS!


Learn how to use it!
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