Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PsychCentral- SPECIAL EDITION: The Ohio School Shooting

Psych Central
The Ohio School Shooting

The Psychology of a School Shooting
Psych Central founder John M. Grohol says school violence — just like regular violence — is often random and without a clear, logical rationale. We want to know why someone like 17-year-old T.J. Lane snaps, picks up a gun and starts shooting. "As with most acts of senseless violence, whatever explanations are offered will be unsatisfactory and not really explain much of anything," Grohol writes.

So, What Triggered the Violent Outburst?
A troubled teen walks into a school and opens fire on his classmates. At press time, three students are dead, two are wounded and the baby-faced shooter is in custody. What triggers such deadly behavior? Licensed mental health counselor Erika Krull provides some insight.

How Parents Can Deal with Scared Kids
What parents can tell children who are afraid to go to school after a shooting.

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