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JurisDictionary-You CAN Control Judges!

Oh dear God in Heaven.  I wish I could afford to buy this information.  Because THAT'S WHAT IS BEING DONE TO ME RIGHT NOW!

Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step Tips & Tactics
February 16, 2012 

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Control Judges with Jurisdictionary!You CAN Control Judges!

( From "How to Win in Court" Course )
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You dare not hope to win until you learn what this Tips & Tactics newsletter teaches about controlling trial level judges.

You must learn how to force the judge to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.

Otherwise, the judge will rule as he pleases, confident you don't know how to get his decisions reversed on appeal.

Unless you follow the step-by-step Jurisdictionary method and force the judge to see he will be reversed on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor, justice will be whatever the judge wants it to be.

Your objective is always to: force the judge to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.

Losers miss this point ... and lose!

Trial judges are not legal authority!

Appellate courts are!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepThe U.S. Constitution is not controlling law. What appellate courts say the U.S. Constitution means is controlling law.

Statutes are not controlling law. What appellate courts say statutes mean is controlling law.

Only controlling law controls judges

Appellate court opinions are the legal authority that controls trial level judges!

You may disagree with this. Many do and lose needlessly. I want you to win, but truth is unaffected by what you believe. Only truth is true. Nothing else is.

Appellate court opinons are controlling law in this nation and every nation that follows our English system of justice.

Trial judges fear being reversed on appeal. That's what keeps them straight. That's why it's essential to learn how to force the judge in your case to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.

No trial judge wants an appellate court to publish an official written opinion telling the world he was wrong!

Knowing how to control judges is the secret to winning and is explained step-by-step in my popular 24-hour self-help Jurisdictionary course.

What you believe is controlling law means nothing.

Don't believe me?

Ok. Tell a judge your personal opinions about the law and how he should apply it and rule in your favor. See how far it gets you!

The only opinions that count in court are the published opinions of appellate court justices who stand in judgment of trial level judges and have power to reverse lower court decisions.

This nation (and all others that follow our English justice system) is run by lawyers who sit as justices on appellate courts! The buck stops in court, not at the Whitehouse, Congress, or state legislature. If you believe otherwise, you are mistaken.

Your legal opinions (no matter how clever or persuasive and no matter how many tens of thousands agree with you in emails or on the internet) count for nothing in court.

Controlling judges is what wins lawsuits, and judges are controlled only by appellate court opinions!

Order the case-winning step-by-step Jurisdictionary self-help course now, if you don't already have it, and learn how to control judges ... or lose!

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... Robert S.
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... Esther K.
I purchased your 24 hour course 6 weeks ago, and I've learned more than you can shake a stick at. The step-by-step study has been worth more than I can ever repay. I will be passing this knowledge along to my five children. Thank you for the Christian values you prove to be at our country's core.
... Ron W.
... Milaca, Minnesota
I wish, oh how I wish, I found this information sooner. However, I am well armed now. Your tutorials are my most valuable resource in protecting my rights.
... Adeline F.
... Hanover Park, Illinois
Thanks for all your help. I wouldn't have been able to defend myself without you.
... Kimberly T.
I would like to give great testimony as to how comprehensive your course is. I was amazed at how sound your lessons are and how easy it was to understand. I used your method to force the other side to produce the contract they claimed I breached, and when they could not, I filed a motion to dismiss their case. They settled. Thanks very much for your course!
... Joseph R.
... Miami, Florida
Thanks to your Jurisdictionary site, I learned so much that I won favor with the Magistrate and he ruled favorably on every motion I filed. I thank God for your web site, and thank you too!
... U. Lowe
... Cincinnati, Ohio
Got my second win in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Thanks.
... Sonny S.
... Brooklyn, New York
You have given me the priceless gift this year of understanding justice.
... Cheryl C.
I consider you a hero for the course you've produced and the heart reasoning that prompted you to do it.
... Ivanov P.
... Homestead, Florida
Bought Jurisdictionary and am extremely pleased with it.
... Sharon W.
... Pahoa, Hawaii
A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits.
... The Charlotte Observer
... Charlotte, N.C.
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