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American Minute with Bill Federer Mar. 25 - Andrew Jackson survived assassination attempt

American Minute with Bill Federer
Mar. 25 - Andrew Jackson survived assassination attempt
"Old Hickory!" During the Revolutionary War, young Andrew Jackson refused to polish the boots of a British officer and was slashed on the arm with a sword and jailed.

His mother died of prison fever while caring for captured American soldiers.

Jackson carried a bullet in his body from a duel defending his wife's honor.

On January 30, 1835, President Andrew Jackson survived an assassination attempt when a bearded man, Richard Lawrence fired two pistols at him at point blank range, but for some reason the guns failed to discharge.

Davy Crockett, who was with the President, disarmed the assailant.

The King of England heard of the incident and expressed his concern. President Jackson wrote back, exclaiming:

"A kind of Providence had been pleased to shield me against the recent attempt upon my life, and irresistibly carried many minds to the belief in a superintending Providence."

On MARCH 25, 1835, Andrew Jackson wrote in a letter:

"I was brought up a rigid Presbyterian, to which I have always adhered. Our excellent Constitution guarantees to every one freedom of religion, and charity tells us (and you know Charity is the real basis of all true religion)...judge the tree by its fruit. All who profess Christianity believe in a Saviour, and that by and through Him we must be saved."

Andrew Jackson concluded:

"We ought, therefore, to consider all good Christians whose walks correspond with their professions, be they Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist, Methodist or Roman Catholic."
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