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JurisDictionary - How to Prove Your Winning Case!

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March 26, 2012 

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ScalesHow to Prove Your Winning Case!

( From "How to Win in Court" Course )
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Since 1997, when Jurisdictionary started teaching "How to Win in Court", we've received tens of thousands of emails requesting help ... people who would have lost but for our case-winning teachings.

Most people mistakenly "assume" they know what it takes to win ... and lose!

After all, if the facts and law are on your side you should win!

But, that's not how our courts work!

Facts and Law are not enough!

You must PROVE your case using the Rules of Evidence and Rules of Procedure ... and if you don't know these rules and how to use them tactically and strategically you don't have a chance!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step
Some people just get angry about this ... and lose!

In an "adversarial system" like ours, both sides compete to see which can pile the most "admissible evidence" into the court's official record. The one who gets the most "admissible evidence" into the record wins the case.

Note: "Admissible evidence" is not merely "Facts".

A fact may be an undeniably certain fact, yet not be "admissible evidence"!

To be "admissible evidence", a fact offered to the court must be:
  • relevant,
  • reliable,
  • competent,
  • not privileged, and
  • in compliance with other rules, etc.

Those who march into court with their "facts", without knowing how to use the Rules to get those facts into the court's record as "admissible evidence" routinely lose!

PROOF is in the PROVING!

Proving can only be done by "admissible evidence".

Too many good people refuse to learn the rules, so they lose!

People have been using Jurisdictionary since 1997 to win in court. They learn the rules of court and how to use the rules tactically and strategically to win in court.

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I felt like I was going into a gun fight without a gun. You gave me the gun and the bullets. Now it is an even fight, the course is good as gold for me.
... Alfred S.
... Joe & Cheryl B.
You have given me the priceless gift this year of understanding justice.
... Cheryl C.
Thank you for your hard labor and mission. Well done!
... Steven W.
... Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Your course is SO practical. Keep up the GREAT work!
... John T.
... Humble, Texas
I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you.
... Patricia M.
... Birmingham, Alabama
I wish, oh how I wish, I found this information sooner. However, I am well armed now. Your tutorials are my most valuable resource in protecting my rights.
... Adeline F.
... Hanover Park, Illinois
The best investment I ever made was your self-help law course. My $250 investment gained me a $216,000 return! I sued my former employer for violating my software copyright. I presented my case to more than a few lawyers, but all turned me down. They were too frightened to take on a 'big and powerful' corporation. After nearly giving up, I found your course. Winning my case gave me confidence that you are right. We can win, if the law is on our side, regardless of how powerful our opponents may be. Our liberty really is in the law in the first place. Your course gives the common man power he would not otherwise have.
... Patrick D.
I call it "empowering the people" when I preach Jurisdictionary!
... Charlie H.
... Haw River, North Carolina
I am finding how I've been misled by others who took my money.
... Chandra K.
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