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JurisDictionary- Types of Lawsuit Complaints

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Types of Lawsuit Complaints ...
Know the 6 types of lawsuit complaints.Types of Complaint - Jurisdictionary

Every lawsuit begins with a complaint filed by one or more plaintiffs.

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See how easily this is explained

Making lawsuits "ridiculously easy-to-understand" is why Jurisdictionary is popular with litigants in every state of the U.S. and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, India, and Puerto Rico ... people with and people without a lawyer!

If you have a lawyer, my course will save you thousands in legal fees, because you'll know what your lawyer should be doing to earn his or her fees!

If you don't have a lawyer, my course will show you the proper method to win your case ... step-by-step!

This diagram in printable form is included in my official, affordable, step-by-step, 24-hour Jurisdictionary course that includes many other diagrams, charts, sample forms, and simplified explanations that demonstrate how to use the rules of court with practical tactics that give you the power to win ... with or without a lawyer!

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and this diagram could be worth thousands of dollars to YOU if you learn what it teaches and apply it in your court case!

1. The plaintiff in this simple chart sues Defendant A and Defendant B.

2. Defendant B counter-claims against Plaintiff.

3. Defendant A cross-claims against Defendant B.

4. Defendant B counter-cross-claims against Defendant A.

5. Defendant A also files a third-party complaint against Third Party Defendant.

6. Third-Party Defendant counter-claims against Defendant A.

There are variations on each of these that you'll learn about in my simplified step-by-step course, but each of the variations is really just a type of one of these shown in the diagram.

See how simple lawsuits really are?

In some cases the complaint is called a "petition" and the person filing it is called the "petitioner", but the types are the same. Most cases involve plaintiffs and defendants, but in actions that sound principally in "equity" (explained in my course) the plaintiff is called a petitioner, and the responding party is called a respondent. Otherwise, case structure is the same.Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step

Knowledge overcomes fear.

Knowledge brings confidence.

Confidence yields courage and determination.

Couple these together the way I teach in my course, and you have the winning formula for success in court!

If you must fear something, fear not knowing how to use the rules of court to win!

The rules are on YOUR side. Once you learn what I teach about using them tactically and strategically to control courtroom corruption, the rules give power to overcome your opponent and corrupt judges.

Cursing the darkness does no good at all.

There will be darkness.

There will be corruption.

There will be dirty tricks and crooked maneuvers by the other side.

There will be judges who are biased against you.


The knowledge you need is mostly common sense.

It is nothing like differential calculus or quantum theory.

It's all straight-forward, step-by-step procedure that is regulated by rules any average 8th grader can learn.

REMEMBER: The hardest part of winning in court is having a clear idea what's happening and why!

Learn how the Justice System works ... step-by-step!

Know how each simple step in the process fits together and how increasing your knowledge of the details of each simple step in the process will bring you closer to the victory and justice you deserve!

Everyone knows there are only 9 innings in a baseball game (unless the teams are tied at the bottom of the 9th). Everyone knows the visiting team gets to be first to bat. Everyone knows a batter has to go back to the dugout after 3 strikes. It's simple. It's baseball. It's America!

But, how many of you or your friends know how simple a lawsuit is?

How many parts does a lawsuit have?

How do the separate parts fit together?

Not many people know how simple lawsuits really are!

Because you were never taught - and my profession has kept this valuable knowledge from you on purpose - most of you are at the mercy of lawyers!

It shouldn't be that way here in America!

So, I created my step-by-step Jurisdictionary course.

Now everyone can know how to win in court!

Learn how to state your position clearly in writing using properly-drafted pleadings, motions, and memoranda.

Learn why, how, and when to object in court properly with solid grounds for objections the court cannot ignore.

Learn how to examine your own witnesses, using direct examination when you cannot use leading questions.

Learn how to cross-examine your opponent's witnesses in a way that gets answers you need, instead of alienating witnesses with leading questions that pry unnecessarily.

Gain judges' RESPECT by demonstrating you know how to follow the official rules and won't be wasting valuable court time or trying judges' patience with a bizarre legal theory you learned about in an email!

Only the rules rule.

Nothing else works!

Knowing the rules of litigation (the rules of evidence and the rules of procedure) and how to use them properly is how you win favor with judges!

Winning favor with judges is a good thing!

Flattery will get you nowhere.

Using complex legal language you barely understand will get you nowhere.

Trying to trick the other side will get you nowhere.

Knowing how to use the rules will get you victory!

You will impress judges and gain favor with the court by using the easy-to-learn tactics and procedures I explain in my 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary course.

I make it so easy an average 8th grader can understand it all and apply the principles effectively to win in court.

If you don't know the rules and how to use them, if you waste the court's valuable time with arguments that don't hold "legal water", if you object but don't know the grounds for your objections, and continue to irritate the judge and waste the court's time by not knowing how things are done in court, you cannot expect the judge to be favorable to your cause.Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step

When I first started learning 25 years ago what I make easy for you to learn with my affordable official Jurisdictionary self-help course, the business of law was often confusing and overwhelming at times. Getting my feet wet as a fledgling lawyer, I often had to go up against lawyers who had as much experience as I have now, and they cut me no slack. The advantage I had over younger lawyers (I didn't start my practice until age 42) was common sense and life experience. I learned quickly how to avoid traps and tricks of my opponents.

In the past quarter-century I learned what it takes to win.

Now you can know what I learned in those 25 years of fighting in the courthouse trenches!

It's not all about the law, you see!

It's about knowing how to use the rules!

You can know the "law" about the facts of your case. You can cite and recite it backward and forward. You can convince your friends and family members that you have the law "on your side".


If you don't yet know what I explain in my affordable and increasingly popular 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary course, you will still lose!


Far too many good people lose in court because they don't know how to control the lawyer on the other side or the black-robed judge on the bench. They may, indeed, have the "law on their side", but if they don't know how to control a deposition (for just one small example) or when to proceed to deposition or how to draft a proper motion or why it's important to make courtroom objections (for just a few additional examples) they lose ... needlessly!

Would you pay $249 to win your case?

My 3-years at law school cost tens of thousands. And, there's no price you can put on my 25 years of experience defeating crooked lawyers, controlling corrupt judges, and winning critical battles in-the-trenches for my clients!

My education and experience can be yours!

It's all in my affordable and increasingly popular 24-hour step-by-step official Jurisdictionary course.

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If you have it and haven't yet studied all 4 CDs, get to work learning, before some crooked lawyer or corrupt judge throws you under the proverbial bus!

You must make an effort ... if you want to win!

Spend just 24-hours with Jurisdictionary to discover the secrets my profession doesn't want you to know!

Master procedural law and the methods that win!

Just having "the law on your side" is not enough!

If you don't know "how to play the game", you'll lose!

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Once you know what Jurisdictionary teaches, you'll never again fall into the trap of thinking that knowing "substantive law" is enough.

Why be tricked by other members of my profession?

Learn how to win favor with judges.

Learn procedural law: The Rules of Evidence and the Rules of Procedure.

And, learn how to use the rules effectively to win!

Take advantage of my 25 years of experience!

Beware the law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe!

I go into every case expecting the lawyer on the other side to be a liar and a crook. I anticipate the judge will be biased against me, so I win over the judge by showing that I know the law and how to use the rules correctly!

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Don't be tricked by your lack of legal knowledge!

Smart litigants know what Jurisdictionary teaches!

Smart litigants win!

Do YOU want to win?

You really can't expect to win if you only know what you learn from your in-box, from amateur lawyer wannabe legal gurus, or weekend seminars run by folks who have no law degree or extended courtroom experience.

I've been a member of the bar for 25 years!

I know what it takes to win and will show YOU how!

Control the court with Jurisdictionary!

Ask anyone who has my course.

It's easy to learn ... and it works!


Learn how and teach EVERYONE ELSE to learn how also!
Dr. Frederick D. Graves
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Every winnable case can be won before trial if you follow the Jurisdictionary method.

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Whether it's your opponent, some crooked highly-paid lawyer, or even a corrupt judge ... once you know what I teach, you are in control!Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step

That's how you win once you know what I teach in my popular step-by-step Jurisdictionary course.
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Pro se
people who use my course are winning in court!

But! Pro se people often do not get justice.


Consider the following facts:
  1. Most pro se people don't know the rules or how to use them to win (evidence and procedure rules).
  2. Most pro se people don't know how to prevent the lawyer on the other side from playing tricks with the rules.
  3. Most pro se people make assumptions about what is "admissible evidence" and stuff that isn't.
  4. Most pro se people don't know how to draft their pleadings or motions properly.
  5. Most pro se people don't know why it's important to write proposed orders for the judge to sign.
  6. Most pro se people don't know why, when, or how to make effective objections in court.
  7. Most pro se people don't understand what facts are critical to winning a case and what facts are of no consequence but only muddy the waters with court-confusing insignificance.
  8. Most pro se people don't know why it's so vitally important to cite controlling appellate cases in support of their pre-trial and trial motions.
  9. Most pro se people don't know how to arrange for a written transcript to be made of all proceedings before the court, so they can control the judge.
  10. Most pro se people waste valuable court time with non-essentials, fail to appreciate the needs of others who have their own problems to bring before the court and, as a consequence, tend to make judges dread pro se cases.

Pro se
people who know what I explain so simply in the official Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course are winning and even getting compliments from judges and even opposing lawyers ... because they do it right!

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Not all judges are "against" pro se people "just because they are pro se". Most of the judges I knew in my 25 years were good people who cared about other people and did their best to guarantee justice according to the rules.

But! You must know how to protect yourself!

Pro se
parties who know the rules and how to use them to protect themselves from courtroom corruption the way my Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course makes so easy-to-understand don't let crooked lawyers get away with their smoke-and-mirrors tricks!

The difference between winners and losers is the fact that winners know how to win and losers cry about it!

If you want to make it complicated and muddy the pond with all kinds of nutty arguments, you can do so, make the judge angry, and lose when your "evidence" isn't admitted because it isn't "admissible evidence", etcetera.

You can demand your Constitutional Rights, instead of learning about causes of action and their elements that win lawsuits, and you will lose.

You can refuse to learn the rules of evidence, the rules of procedure, and the tactics and strategies my course is so popular for making easy to learn, and you will lose!


If you want to win, get my affordable Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course now and master the case-winning strategies and tactics I used for 25 years as a case-winning lawyer in state and federal courts.

There is only ONE "Official Jurisdictionary" course!

If you're paying a lawyer, know what your lawyer should be doing to earn his fee and win your case.

If you don't have a lawyer, know what you must do to force the judge do what's right and prevent the lawyer on the other side from cheating.

It's that simple.

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In short, you'll learn how to save money, maximize your winning power, and resolve conflicts peacefully and profitably ... according to the rules!

Once you master the simple concepts I teach, you'll be more powerful than most lawyers I met in 25 years as a licensed lawyer in state and federal courts as a licensed bar attorney!

Many lawyers are afraid to upset judges, so they let things slide. They don't object. They don't "instruct" the judge on the law. They just lay back, take their hourly fee, and let their clients lose ... and those who pay lawyers yet don't know what Jurisdictionary teaches about winning are led to the slaughter by their own lawyer.

Sad, but true!

I know what it takes to win. I did this 25 years!

My Jurisdictionary will show you how in just 24-hours, step-by-step!

The Jurisdictionary Method wins lawsuits!

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Winning lawsuits is a brutal axe fight!

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Losers believe internet fables. Losers get their legal education at the barbershop or on websites or expensive weekend seminars run by people who never practiced law, never went to law school, and don't know mud from sand about rules or how to use them to control judges.

Too many good folks believe mythological silver-bullet easy solutions to their legal problems and, as a result, are losing when they would be winning if they knew what I make so easy-to-learn in my Jurisdictionary course!

The internet is infested with hare-brained schemes that sound too good to be true ... and, like the old adage says, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't."

Remember: The most dangerous falsehoods are ones we most want to believe!

Why not learn from a real lawyer with nearly 25 years of case-winning experience?

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If you don't have a lawyer, you'll know how to stop the opponent's crooked tricks and control the judge!

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Your course has been a tremendous help in preparing my appeal, and it has helped me spot bad lawyers and judges. I'm better prepared to stand in front of a judge and make the court follow the rules, including the other side.
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