Friday, March 16, 2012

The antidote for Alinsky?

I have been saying for years that CPS agents are using Alinsky techniques against parents. So this book might be useful. I do not know.

The antidote for Alinsky?
'Rules for Conservatives' is response to Obama's political guru

Did you ever wish conservatives would fight fire with fire?

That's the idea behind a new book that seeks to turn the tables on Saul Alinsky-style radicalism.

It's called "Rules for Conservatives" by Michael Charles Master.

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"Saul Alinsky wrote 'Rules for Radicals' 40 years ago as instructions on how to seize power," explains Master. "He was the original community organizer who documented how to organize others to provide power to the organizers. Alinsky was an instigator of class warfare and of the culture war. He taught liberals how to divide America by organizing communities to seize power. Because of those who practiced those 'rules,' America is suffering. Every problem that we Americans face today can be traced back to compromises with liberal radical leaders. As it defined the rules that radicals should use to implement socialism and gain more control of governments, 'Rules for Conservatives' defines the rules that conservatives should use to stop this incremental takeover by liberals."

Master is a former executive with IBM who lives in the Washington, D.C., area, where he is currently serving as president of a technology firm. He is also the author of "Save America Now: The New Revolution to Save Freedom and Liberty."

"The tea party movement is determined to cut the tax burden on Americans," he says. "With decreased tax revenues, governments will have to shrink and liberals will lose power. 'Rules for Conservatives' is the playbook for all conservatives and all tea party people to save America from liberal community organizers."

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