Monday, March 5, 2012

Judge: Suspect can’t aid in his own defense

Frimpong will be reassessed after entering state treatment program
The Gresham Outlook, Mar 2, 2012

Roderick Frimpong, charged with first-degree assault after he allegedly assaulted his 8-month-old daughter last May, will be sent to Oregon State Hospital after a judge determined he was “unable to fully cooperate with his counsel” during an aid and assist hearing that ended Wednesday, Feb. 29.

These hearings determine if a defendant is sane enough to participate in his own defense.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Julie Frantz found Frimpong, 27, of Gresham, “unable to fully cooperate with counsel,” and therefore found him unable to aid and assist in his trial, she wrote in her decision following the hearing, extended two days because of testimony.

Frantz wrote that Frimpong would be reassessed June 7 to see if treatment with “medication for anxiety can improve the defendant’s cognitive flexibility.”

Gresham police arrested Frimpong on May 9, 2011, while responding to a report of a domestic disturbance and an injured baby at Groves Apartments in the 3500 block of Northeast 17th Avenue.

After the assault, the baby was in critical condition at the hospital. Now, at more than 1 year old, she has “permanent deficits,” said Charlene Woods, a Multnomah County senior deputy district attorney.

I know nothing about this guy or if he really is a nut case. But the "not cooperating with counsel" and being "unable to aid and assist in his trial" troubles me.  Oh, and the idea that DOPE improves "

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