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JurisDictionary- How to Dodge a Lawsuit

Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step Tips & Tactics
March 05, 2012 

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Win with Jurisdictionary!How to Dodge a Lawsuit

( From "How to Win in Court" Course )
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There are several ways to dodge a lawsuit.

Whether you're a plaintiff or defendant, you must know what smart defendants do to dodge lawsuits.

The complete details are in my affordable, official, 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary course that people tells us an average 8th can understand (if you can get an 8th grader to sit still that long!).

If a defendant is served with a complaint, he may dodge the lawsuit by filing motions to avoid filing an Answer!

This is called the "flurry of motions".

Once a defendant files an Answer, he's locked in and misses this chance to dodge the lawsuit altogether.

Don't file an Answer if you can dodge the lawsuit with a "flurry of motions".

Inexperienced lawyers and pro se people (who don't yet have my Jurisdictionary course) make the avoidable mistake of filing an Answer to the plaintiff's Complaint ... instead of using the flurry of motions as my course explains step-by-step with sample forms!Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step
  • Motion to Dismiss
  • Motion to Strike
  • Motion for More Definite Statement
Each of these motions postpones the necessity of filing an Answer to the plaintiff's Complaint ... and gains you valuable time and evidence-gathering opportunities!

In some cases it puts an end to the case. Period!

Motion to Dismiss: There are several grounds for filing this motion. Here are a few. The rest are in my course.
  • Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction
  • Improper Service of Process
  • Improper Venue
  • Failure to State a Cause of Action
Each is fully explained in my course.

Motion to Strike: The following are a few of the many grounds for filing this motion:
  • The Complaint Contains False Allegations
  • The Complaint Contains Scandalous Allegations
  • The Complaint Contains Impertinent Allegations
This is power YOU can use!.

Motion for More Definite Statement: This motion should be filed when a Complaint is so poorly-written that a reasonable person would have difficulty understanding what it says, i.e., what the plaintiff is complaining about.
Sample forms for all of these are in the complete official course.

If you are sued, do NOT file an Answer until you use ALL these motions that fit the circumstances!

Failure to use the Flurry of Motions weakens your case and, of course, misses a valuable opportunity to dodge the case altogether.

These tips should convince you to order my complete course ... whether you're a plaintiff or defendant.

If you don't know your legal options, you don't a chance of winning!
Winners know how the game is played to win -- including how to file and respond to the Flurry of Motions.

I know what it takes to win. I've been doing professionally since 1986!
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