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JurisDictionary- What You Must Do To Win!

Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step Tips & Tactics
March 19, 2012 

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Be a Winner with Jurisdictionary!What You Must Do To Win!

( From "How to Win in Court" Course )
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The following is a partial list of things YOU must do to win.

All of these (and many more) are covered in the official 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" lawsuit self-help course:
  1. Draft proper pleadings with all fact elements
  2. Obtain all necessary evidence before trial
  3. Make effective oral motions
  4. Draft effective written motions
  5. Use online legal reseach
  6. Draft compelling memoranda
  7. Insure a written record of all proceedings
  8. Object promptly to all errors of opponent
  9. Object promptly to all errors of judge
  10. Renew objections to all un-cured errors of judge
  11. Keep your opponent's evidence out
  12. Get your evidence in
  13. Stop opponent from proposing false orders
  14. Offer to draft all orders
  15. Stop opponent's lawyer from testifying
  16. ... and more ... !

If you don't know how to do these simple tasks, you run the risk of losing.

Lawsuits are an axe fight. The course is your axe.

has helped tens of thousands get justice in court since 1997 when the website was first launched.

Now, learning what you must do to win is up to you!

Many years ago I saw a bumper sticker saying, "If you want Peace, work for Justice!"

Being angry doesn't help you or anyone else!

Believing internet legal myths is stupid.

The only thing that can help you is to learn and teach others how to use the official rules of due process that make Justice possible.

Learn the rules that control the courts, rules that stop corruption, rules that require judges to grant justice, rules that were paid for by far too much innocent blood already.

Someone once said, "The truth will set you free!"

If YOU believe that, learn the truth about Justice!

Don't let anyone scare you into thinking it's too complicated for you to understand or deceive you into thinking lawyers are smarter than the rest of the human race ... 'cause it ain't so!

Anyone can learn what it takes to win!

Anyone means YOU!

Start with a clear view of the field of play, the object of the game, and the rules that control the players ... including the judges and lawyers!

It's simple with the "How to Win in Court" lawsuit self-help course ... as many thousands have already learned!

wants to turn the tables on crooked lawyers and biased judges to protect the "little guys and gals" being taken advantage of because no one ever came out with a course like this before.

No one ever cared enough to tell you the truth.

No one ever made it this easy-to-understand!

You will know what you must do to win in court!

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We filed a Motion to Strike Sham Complaint, like you show in your course. Two hours later the other side called to report they were dismissing the case! We were so happy we were crying with joy. We won! I cannot thank you enough for making it simple to follow.
... Tyler G.
... Olympia, Washington
I've learned so much that I decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat here. Your course gives me confidence I can be a lawmaker who knows how law is supposed to work.
... Rob T.
... Cumberland, Wisconsin
I've learned more from you than from any law classes that I've attended.
... Danny G.
Defeated a 35-year veteran lawyer I've been fighting the last 3 years. Most of this victory is credited to your course. I can't thank you enough.
... Bill J.
... Columbus, Ohio
I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you.
... Patricia M.
... Birmingham, Alabama
I won a criminal case at trial with two lying witnesses against me. I got Jurisdictionary and learned that law works if it's used correctly. The judge read my memorandum and agreed with me. The most wonderful feeling I ever felt was walking out of that courtroom knowing I won without a lawyer!
... Philip J.
... Albany, Georgia
The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you.
... Leah H.
... Front Royal, Virginia
Since learning from your course my life has changed for the better, and I am finally in control of my formerly overwhelming legal problems.
... Harold C.
... Jersey City, New Jersey
... Joe & Cheryl B.
I call it "empowering the people" when I preach Jurisdictionary!
... Charlie H.
... Haw River, North Carolina
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