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Psychsearch- Grassley Pursues Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicaid, Medicare

March 22, 2012
Grassley Pursues Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicaid, Medicare

Statement of Senator Chuck Grassley
Senate Finance Committee Health Care Subcommittee Hearing

“Prescription Drug Abuse: How are Medicare and Medicaid Adapting to the Challenge?”


While the responses from the states are still being received, many states are still reporting a selection of top ten providers that are prescribing at rates double or triple that of their peers….  

As a result of my request, South Carolina has investigated 34 of the 83 providers who appeared on those lists for possible Medicaid abuses. 

South Carolina’s investigation resulted in repayments of nearly $1.9 million that more than 30 of the health care providers inappropriately billed to the state Medicaid agency. 

Texas has opened investigations into dozens of the prescribers identified in the list, making several referrals for criminal prosecutions and the state licensing board. 

California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, and Hawaii have taken similar actions against prescribing outliers in their Medicaid program. 

The steps taken by these states highlight the aggressive role that each and every state should be taking in monitoring and investigating prescription drug practices in the Medicaid program. 

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