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American Minute with Bill Federer Mar. 5 - The Boston Massacre

American Minute with Bill Federer
Mar. 5 - The Boston Massacre
Colonists were forced to house British soldiers.  
On MARCH 5, 1770, a crowd protested and in the confusion British soldiers fired, killing five, one of whom was Crispus Attucks, the most famous African American who participated in the Revolution.  
Paul Revere's popular engraving of the Boston Massacre fanned flames of anti-British sentiment.  
Joseph Warren, President of the Massachusetts Congress, who sent Paul Revere on his midnight ride, said on the 2nd anniversary of the Massacre, 1772:  
"If you perform your part, you must have the strongest confidence that the same Almighty Being who protected your pious and venerable forefathers...will still be mindful of you... 
May our land be a land of liberty...until the last shock of time shall bury the empires of the world in one common undistinguishable ruin!"  
John Hancock, first to sign the Declaration of Independence, stated on the 4th anniversary of the Boston Massacre, 1774:  
"Let us play the man for our GOD, and for the cities of our GOD...By a faithful discharge of our duty to our country, let us joyfully leave her important concerns in the hands of HIM who raiseth up and putteth down empires and kingdoms of the world as HE pleases."

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